About Us

Science4Development Research & Teaching Initiative is an international non-governmental organization that seeks to passionately pursue a “Brain-Gain Initiative®” (the reversed consequence of “brain-drain”) for the development of science and technology, human capacity, as well as basic life improvement in sub-Saharan Africa. The organization seeks to promote and lead innovative applied research, adaptive-knowledge and technological transfer to developing countries, build capacity through teaching and mentoring, and as well promote a scientific Data-Driven Policy® campaign as a tool for driving development and reducing poverty.

We will achieve these goals through our scientific research projects initiation, collaboration with individuals and institutions, innovative scientific data communication, teaching initiatives and leverage on the network of African researchers, scholars and experts abroad as well as their associates.

We operate as a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated by trustees with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria, West Africa (CAC/IT/NO 117667) and as a Charity based not-for-profit organization (Gemeinnütig Verein) in Germany.


We envision a sub Saharan Africa with well-established scientific culture not achieved by re-inventing the wheels of scientific and technological development but by tasking local ingenuities and leveraging on existing knowledge as well as interactions and cooperation with the outside world.


We seek to harness the benefits of Sub Saharan African researchers’, scholars’ and experts’ experiences and interaction with others abroad for the development of the sub-continent through researches, collaborations, innovative scientific result communication and teaching initiatives thereby creating a “BRAIN GAIN” and “DATA-DRIVEN POLICY” culture for the sub-continent.

Core Values

Our values are centered on:

Scientific innovation, Knowledge transfer, Adaptability, Teaching, Science communicationand  Societal impact

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